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Help others to prepare for Jesus soon return.

This ministry takes its name from the book of Revelation’s unique description of Jesus
Christ triumphantly riding “a white horse” when He returns to planet Earth at His
Second Coming. The websites from White Horse Media are full of Bible truth, useful
and practical information that will help visitors to be ready for Jesus soon return.

If you enjoy these websites, share them with friends, neighbors and everybody else.

One window decal can reach thousands for the Lord, and with prices as low as $4.99
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White Horse media websites
Portal to White Horse Media
website. It offers access to a
plethora of resources.
Highway to Health offers
valuable life enhancing
Get a clear perspective in God’s
Holy Law.
It presents what the Bible
really says about the popular
'Secret Rapture' doctrine.
Steve Wohlberg tells the touching
story of his own son's mysterious
seizure disorder, how the Wohlberg's
discovered its hidden, underlying
cause, and the path to healing.
This site introduces very important
Bible Truths in a very dynamic way.
Steve Wohlberg delves deeply into
the ghostly trend and national
obsession of talking to the dead in
America and around the world.
Exposing shocking secrets about
the influence of Harry Potter and
unveiling hidden dangers within
the Wicca movement.
Copyright © 2010 Adventising. All rights reserved
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This site explains what the Bible
says about natural disasters.
Steve Wohlberg's, exposes the
Twilight Saga and real vampirism.