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Adventising is an evangelistic ministry that focuses
on advertising strategies. We assist other ministries,
churches and/or lay people to effectively proclaim
the Advent message to the world in this generation.
Two are Better than One
For Any City or Town
Ecclesiastes 4:9
speaks about
“two are better
than one.”
This principle also applies to
the Gospel. Synergy is the
combination of two or more
factors that produces greater
results than the sum of their
individual effects. More ...
More than 8,500
We recently passed the
8,500 window decals
mark. More ...
Still Shinning in South
Since we started in 2010,
thousands in South Africa
have   More ...
A New Outreach
By definition the term
evangelistic refers to
good news. We are
told to share  More ...
Advertising is the life-blood of
any organization. In
fact, advertising is
not an expense, but
an investment.
A wise man once
said: “The business that ‘saves
                money’ by not
                advertising is like the
                man who stops the
                clock to save time.”
                 More ...