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Multiple benefit

Let's take the gospel to the masses!
Let’s do it in an easy, economical and
attractive way that appeals to the
needs of the people.

Anyone visiting
website, finds that the Bible and the
Three Angels’ messages are the way,
the path to genuine and enduring

The website offers many options, for

- Bible studies.
- Evangelistic series.
- Inspiring devotionals.
- An Adventist church locator.
- The Hope Channel and 3ABN.
- Inviting Testimonies in YouTube.
- Health presentations and resources.
- A free book (Happiness Digest / Steps to Christ).

The churches participating in this plan, benefit greatly from the combination
of these powerful resources: Internet, social and outdoor media.

Let’s expand the circle of influence of our churches! One of these decals can
last up to 5 years, and with God’s blessing can touch thousands of hearts!

A small investment that puts the Adventist message and our local churches
within the reach of our communities. With prices as low as $ 4.99 each
(and free shipping) they are second to none in affordability, convenience and They are a powerful tool for the advancement of the God’s

To watch “Let’s stop being spectators only,” please follow this link.
51 to 100 @ $.5.99 ea. or 101 to 500 @ $4.99 ea.
If you have any questions, click here to contact us.

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Copyright © 2010 Adventising. All rights reserved
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