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Multiple benefit

Let’s take the Gospel to the masses!
Let’s do it in an easy, economical
and attractive way that appeals to
people’s needs.

Visitors to
will find that the Bible and the
Adventist message are the way to
genuine and enduring happiness.

The Web site is divided in three
different sections:
1) Discover: More than 30 media
  ministries (Hope Channel, 3ABN,
  Life and Health Network, Amazing
  Facts, Bible Info and more).
2) Connect: It presents invitations,
   testimonies and a Church locator
   map (your church needs to be
   here) and more.
3) Free Offers: downloads and more.

If we really want to finish the work of proclaiming God’s message to the
world, so we can go home. We must be more proactive. By using our vehicles
to share the God’s blessings with others, we are not only being part of the
fulfillment of Bible prophecy truth, but also are facilitating multiple
opportunities for the Holy Spirit. After all, as we reach others with God’s love,
we ourselves receive the greatest blessings.

Visit  to watch “Let’s Stop
Being Spectators only,” and find out how your own
congregation can join this great program and reap its
51 to 100 @ $.5.99 ea. or 101 to 500 @ $4.99 ea.
For adding your church to the map, please read below.

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thumbnail to
see a window
decal sample.
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