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Adventist Education window decals
A Journey to Education Excellence

In our communities,
a growing number of
parents recognize
that education
excellence is a
priced commodity.
They acknowledge
that it’s their duty
to get their kids in
the best schools
possible. However,
in many cases, they
don’t find many
choices for their
children education.

Often parents are looking for a safe and caring environment for their children.
They also want values, spirituality, prayer, academics, quality, etc. Adventist
education offers that and more, most importantly, education for eternity.

For some in our communities, an Adventist school represents the greatest
opportunity that they will have to hear the gospel.

With prices as low as $4.99 each, and free shipping, they are second to none
in affordability, convenience and effectiveness.
51 to 100 @ $.5.99 ea. or 101 to 500 @ $4.99 ea.
If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.

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